Good Day

by Charlene

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Mike Allin Another amazing Bandcamp discovery. One of my soul albums of the year. Have been featuring this over the last few weeks on my radio show. Amazing voice, definitely one to watch!! Favorite track: Back To Me.
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    Good Day is the highly anticipated debut album from Charlene.

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If the purpose of music is to make you feel something, then Good Day does that and then some. It’s an honest album with conversational lyrics; each song tells a story. The range of songs allows you to tap into your emotions through the instrumentation and lyrical content. The songs capture the expressed sentiments with rare ease. Everyone has their “go-to” song or their theme tune for when they feel a certain way and Good Day is full of songs that serve that very purpose. Good Day doesn’t fit neatly into a genre; it has hints of neo soul, r’n’b, funk and bossa nova. For that reason, it’s an album that you’ll want to listen to over and over and over again.


released November 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Charlene London, UK

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Track Name: Good Day
Woke up this morning with such a good feeling
Pulled back my curtains the sun was streaming in
It was my first kiss of the day
The sun literally kissed my body (ooooo)
On my way to work I got a seat on the tube
Jumped in my car the traffic lights were all green too
It was smooth sailing clear roads all the way and
That's when I knew

Today is gona be one of those
Good days
When all of my troubles melt away
And everything seems to go my way
Today is gona be one of those
Good days
When all of my troubles melt away
And everything seems to go my way

I had good meetings my clients were happy
As my reward I got to leave early
Beautiful balmy evening cool summer breeze and
Called up friends to see what was good
They were all free and so we hit the club
It was tune after tune and
Pure summer grooves and
That's when I knew


I feel so happy
The sun is smiling at me
Clear skies are blue and the birds are singing me tunes
I feel so free
I know no boundaries
I'm ready to take on the world
Feel just like a little girl
Track Name: Second Nature
Baby what you need is
A girl just like me
Listen to your heart
Don't think just do follow through
I just want to love you
Place only God above You
Are my equal partner in all things
You're my King
I'm not like the others
Won't see guys undercover
If I'm with you then I'm with only you
And that's the truth
Baby just take heed and through me you'll receive
The kind of loves that exists in your dreams
Yes I'll be

I just wana celebrate you
Give me a chance to appreciate you
Oh loving you is like second nature
i said let me love
Baby won't you let me love

I'll be the strength that you need
Encouragement that you seek
I'll be your motivation to succeed
Yes indeed
Go with your gut feeling
Listen to your instincts
They will lead you all the way to me
Wait and see
When you finally arrive
We can start to live life
No longer have to survive
Enjoy our time
We will thrive
Listen when I say
I'll treat you in the right way
No need for you to be scared
I'll treasure your heart
Won't tear it apart


I'll nurse you when you're weary
Feed your soul and spirit
I will make you a much better man
You know I can
Know you've seen some things and
Heartache they did bring
Are you listening?
I'm a good girl I'll rock your world
Just call and I'll be there
My all with you I will share
I'll tear down the walls
I'll bare my soul I'll tell all
If you'll do the same
Do you know what we'd gain?
I'll be your best friend there for it all
Until the end


Don't know if you've got a woman
There's no need to be shy
Coz I'm a single girl
Not seeing other guys
You really caught my eye
Track Name: Intoxicated
Just one look from you
Elevates me to a new high
Just one touch from you
And I'm high as a kite
You are my love drug
And boy I'm stuck on you
The sweet scent of your skin
I breathe and breathe you in

I feel wavey
When you're near
I lose control
But best believe
I want you near

You consume my thoughts
The first and last thing on my mind
I see only you
To all else I am blind
I'm under your spell
Hypnotised by you
if this were to come to an end
Don't know what I would do


Boy I'm so addicted to your love
To your touch, to your hugs
Boy I'm so addicted
To your smile
Your style
You drive me wild
Track Name: It Is The Way
It is the way that you run your fingers up and down my spine
It is the way that you kiss and touch me all through the night
It is the way that you pay attention to the smallest things
It is the way that oo oo oo you do everything
It is the way that when you're with me you take your time
It is the way that you travel baby my oh my
It is the way you work the top, the bottom, front, the back and sides
It is the way that you make me feel deep inside
And who, who knew
That you could do and work those moves

I wana be, be, be
With you in ecstacy-cy-cy
Lying here with you, you you
Is what I wana do, do, do

It is the way that I buckle when I'm held in your embrace
It is the way that you when and where to hit that hidden place
It is the way you make my body tremble wrinkle up my face
It is the way you pay attention to me like I'm a special case
It is the way you act on every thought before I speak a word
It is the way you know my being like I'm a well-known verse
It is the way that you fit my body just like a glove
It is the way that when I'm with you I'm filled with love
And who, who knew
That you could do and work those moves


It is the way baby
That you make me feel baby
Coz when I'm with you
I feel brand new (brand new)
It is the way baby (It is the way baby)
that you make me feel baby oo oo oo
Coz when I'm with you (Oh you)
You make my body scream
Track Name: Thank You
Where do I even begin
To express the depth of my feeling
i don't know if I can put it into words
So I've set my thoughts to this verse
I hope I do justice to you
Express my gratitude
No love till I knew you
And for that...

I want to say thank you
For loving me the way you do
I know that it can't be easy
Yet you're still so good to me

You are my resting place
With you I feel safe
Yet I respond to your smiles with my frowns
Your ups with my downs
Yet you're still around
You make me a better me
You love unconditionally
Without you don't know where I'd be
And for that...


Tell me what did I do to deserve you
I am the luckiest girl in the world
I am so glad that you chose me
Deemed me worthy of your love
Track Name: Second Guessing

When we started out you would call me two or three times a day
Things have changed you don’t call or text all your tone says is your engaged
When we first started out you couldn’t get enough of me
Now I’m on last on the list of people that you want to see
Baby you got me

Second guessing
All I do is sit and question
Tell me baby what has happened
To our love

When I try and lay it on you, you say you’re not in the mood
Before I’d be fighting you off and gearing up for round 2
You got me analysing every little thing you do
I can’t be this way any longer
Sit, think, and obsess over you
Baby you got me


See what you need to do is say
Coz I can’t go on living this way
You gotta say what you want
You need to speak your mind
I don’t care if you’re scared
Baby now’s the time

The things you say to me no longer match the things you do
There’s a distance between us not just physical emotional too
Don’t know if we can go back to the way that we once were
My mind is riddled with confusion do you want me or her
Why don’t you just talk to me?

Track Name: Lost

She don't know where she's going
She don't what she's wanting
Looking back in time
For something she can't find
She continues on
Wondering where time's gone
Looking deep inside
The contours of her mind
Troubled thoughts pervade
Her endless waiting days
Never satisfied
Looks for her next high
When she hits the sky
Meets that recurring lie
Lost in false ecstasy
For a time she is free

What goes up it must come down
She falls and crashes to the ground
Her world is spinning round and round
Now she's lost but will she ever be found

Sky high or way down
There's no middle ground
Feels herself slipping away
Doe she care enough to stay?
Wonders aimlessly
Still hasn't found what she seeks
What she seeks she don't know
Feels more and more alone
She tries to plug that hole
But there's a darkness to her soul
Loses a piece everyday
Now it's dark when she's awake
No ear to hear her cries
No hand to dry her eyes
So she does what she knows best
Rides each wave to its crest


CHORUS (Portuguese)
Tudo o que sobe
Tem que cair
Nesse chao de terra
(Vo)ce vai sair

Seu mundo, ta perdido no tempo
Nesse alento seu coracao foi com o vento
Track Name: My Yesterday
Do you remember how good we used to be
Those were the exact words that you said to me
I think that we must have very different memories
Coz the way that I remember leaves no room for happy
You must be out your mind
Are you stupid, dumb or blind
To think that I would take you back one more time
Let me tell you what I know
You need to go
I can't hear your lame excuses anymore no

You had a chance but you didn't take it
We had our time but we didn't make it
What's left to say
Let's go our separate ways
You're not my tomorrow
But you are my yesterday

You want to come back after all this time
But I have moved on I've got someone else in my life
Did you expect me to put my life on hold for you
You thought about yourself and I'm goona do the same too
You want to meet up do the thngs that couples do
You better listen close coz I've got news for you
The time for that has passed
Not your girl and that's a fact
You want one more chance but I can't do that, no


I don't know how you expect me
To forget all the pain and misery
Start afresh like it never happened
Are you crazy? Are you crazy?
There's no longer and you and me
In fact it's an impossibility
Baby you must dreaming,
You must dreaming yeah, yeah

You packed your bags and chose to leave
Now you realise the grass green

Track Name: Break-ups
Everything has a season
Ours has ended for good reason
And although I'm glad we're through
I still love you
And although I'm g;ad we're through
I still love you

Deep down I know
We've reached the end of our road
I'm so happy to have known you
You have touched me in ways that I couldn't be
And in ways I never dreamed of
You've helped shape me into who I am

I'm leaving you to start something new and
It just has to be this way
I'm so confused and
Don't know what to do
But I know I can't do this thing with you
Got to start afresh and
Got to start anew but
I know, I know, I know, I know (I know I've got to leave)
Whatever I have to do
I know I have to leave you (I know I've got to leave)
Whatever I have to do
I know I have to leave you (I know I've got to leave)
Whatever I have to do
I've got to leave (I know I've got to leave)
Whatever I have to do
I know I have to leave you
Track Name: Back To Me
You came along at just the right time
Before you I was numb
And passion was just a vestigial limb
You made me feel again
Baby I'd been sleeping
But you shook me awake
Like I hadn't been eating
But you filled up my plate
Like a glass of water
You quenched my thirst
Like the man you are, my needs came first
The drought is over
Here comes the rain

Coz I'm getting back to me
I'm getting back to me
Said I'm getting back to me
I'm getting me
Coz I'm getting back to me
I'm getting back to me
Coz I'm getting back to
I'm getting back to me

Baby you said all the right things
You made me value me
You made me feel so sexy
My confidence reached its peak
Baby I've been living
And it's all coz of you
In fact I've been feasting
My appetite's been renewed
No longer asleep
I'm back on my feet
Watch out, watch out there's a new girl in town
Like a super, super duper man
You came and rescued me


You reopened my eyes
And made me realise
No man can put asunder
My happiness and and wonder
Coz I'm getting back to me
It is happening finally
Don't you try and break my stride
I will put you to the side


Coz I'm getting back to me
It is happening finally
Don't you try and break my stride
I will put you to the side

Coz I'm getting back to me
It is happening finally
Don't you try and break my stride
I will put you to the side

Track Name: The Central Line
Sitting on the tube
Looking everywhere but you
I wanna catch your eye
But I'm much, much too shy
So I'm hoping you will notice me (I'm hoping that you'll notice me)
Just look up and smile put me me out my misery ( Just look up and smile put me me out my misery)
So I'm three stops in
My journey's soon to end
You've gotten up to go (Why are you leaving)
Again I've missed boat
Another day has gone it's the same (Another day has gone it's the same)
Maybe tomorrow you'll ask me my name (Maybe tomorrow. My name)

I wonder if you even see me I see you
I wonder if you wana meet you I do you
It's like maybe you do maybe you don't
Maybe you will maybe you won't
I'm gona give you my number it's on you

Here we are again
Both on the 8am
You've got your pinstripe on
Listening to your songs
I wonder what it is you do (I wonder what it is you do)
I just wana get to know you (I just want to get to know you)
Today is gona be the day
That I brush my fears away (That I brush my fears away)
I just gotta talk to you
And let you know what I would do
Baby you need get to know (Baby you need get to know, know, know. Know, know, know.)
Stop your reading take out your headphones (Stop your reading)


When I see you I get tongue-tied
If I could say what is on my mind
I would say
Let's go out, let's dance, have a drink, maybe a little a romance
Let's go out, let's dance, have a drink, maybe a little a romance
Let's go out, let's dance, have a drink, maybe a little a romance
Let's go out, have a drink, let's dance, maybe a little a romance
Track Name: First Date
Got those first date nerves
I'm tripping all over my words
It's been on my mind all day
What will we do? What will I say?
I hope he likes what he sees
I wonder if he'll call me
Not gona worry how it goes
I'm a just relax and go with the flow

First date
Running fashionably late
Let's just sit and conversate
I'm not gona worry
Relax and just breathe
Let things happen naturally

I'm fresh from the salon
Had my hair and my nails done
And I know just what to wear
That'll make him stop and stare
I'm putting on the boom-boom dress
Best believe I'm out to impress
And I'm gona knock him dead
Matching bag and shoes
And a spritz of my perfume


I hope that he's a gentleman
I hope that he's intelligent
I hope that he has lots to say
I hope that he keeps me engaged