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She don't know where she's going
She don't what she's wanting
Looking back in time
For something she can't find
She continues on
Wondering where time's gone
Looking deep inside
The contours of her mind
Troubled thoughts pervade
Her endless waiting days
Never satisfied
Looks for her next high
When she hits the sky
Meets that recurring lie
Lost in false ecstasy
For a time she is free

What goes up it must come down
She falls and crashes to the ground
Her world is spinning round and round
Now she's lost but will she ever be found

Sky high or way down
There's no middle ground
Feels herself slipping away
Doe she care enough to stay?
Wonders aimlessly
Still hasn't found what she seeks
What she seeks she don't know
Feels more and more alone
She tries to plug that hole
But there's a darkness to her soul
Loses a piece everyday
Now it's dark when she's awake
No ear to hear her cries
No hand to dry her eyes
So she does what she knows best
Rides each wave to its crest


CHORUS (Portuguese)
Tudo o que sobe
Tem que cair
Nesse chao de terra
(Vo)ce vai sair

Seu mundo, ta perdido no tempo
Nesse alento seu coracao foi com o vento


from Good Day, released November 4, 2013
Lost – (C. Michael-Imobioh, Anna Brown). Victor Redwood-Sawyerr published by VRS Publishing Admin by Westbury Music. Produced, recorded and mixed by Victor Redwood-Sawyerr for 1U Music at Dharma Sound Labs and the Earthlounge 2. Portuguese translation by Iris De Brito. Acoustic guitar by C. Michael-Imobioh. All other instruments by Victor Redwood-Sawyerr. Background vocals C. Michael-Imobioh.



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Charlene London, UK

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