Second Guessing

from by Charlene




When we started out you would call me two or three times a day
Things have changed you don’t call or text all your tone says is your engaged
When we first started out you couldn’t get enough of me
Now I’m on last on the list of people that you want to see
Baby you got me

Second guessing
All I do is sit and question
Tell me baby what has happened
To our love

When I try and lay it on you, you say you’re not in the mood
Before I’d be fighting you off and gearing up for round 2
You got me analysing every little thing you do
I can’t be this way any longer
Sit, think, and obsess over you
Baby you got me


See what you need to do is say
Coz I can’t go on living this way
You gotta say what you want
You need to speak your mind
I don’t care if you’re scared
Baby now’s the time

The things you say to me no longer match the things you do
There’s a distance between us not just physical emotional too
Don’t know if we can go back to the way that we once were
My mind is riddled with confusion do you want me or her
Why don’t you just talk to me?



from Good Day, released November 4, 2013
Second Guessing - (C. Michael-Imobioh, Gil V. Small Jr) Gil V. Small Jr published by Amir’s music. Produced by Gil V. Small Jr. for GrooveCity Entertainment. All Instruments by Gil V. Small Jr. except Flugelhorn by Timothy Cusick. Background Vocals C. Michael-Imobioh & Gil V. Small Jr.



all rights reserved


Charlene London, UK

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