Second Nature

from by Charlene



Baby what you need is
A girl just like me
Listen to your heart
Don't think just do follow through
I just want to love you
Place only God above You
Are my equal partner in all things
You're my King
I'm not like the others
Won't see guys undercover
If I'm with you then I'm with only you
And that's the truth
Baby just take heed and through me you'll receive
The kind of loves that exists in your dreams
Yes I'll be

I just wana celebrate you
Give me a chance to appreciate you
Oh loving you is like second nature
i said let me love
Baby won't you let me love

I'll be the strength that you need
Encouragement that you seek
I'll be your motivation to succeed
Yes indeed
Go with your gut feeling
Listen to your instincts
They will lead you all the way to me
Wait and see
When you finally arrive
We can start to live life
No longer have to survive
Enjoy our time
We will thrive
Listen when I say
I'll treat you in the right way
No need for you to be scared
I'll treasure your heart
Won't tear it apart


I'll nurse you when you're weary
Feed your soul and spirit
I will make you a much better man
You know I can
Know you've seen some things and
Heartache they did bring
Are you listening?
I'm a good girl I'll rock your world
Just call and I'll be there
My all with you I will share
I'll tear down the walls
I'll bare my soul I'll tell all
If you'll do the same
Do you know what we'd gain?
I'll be your best friend there for it all
Until the end


Don't know if you've got a woman
There's no need to be shy
Coz I'm a single girl
Not seeing other guys
You really caught my eye


from Good Day, released November 4, 2013
Second Nature – (C. Michael-Imobioh, copyright control), music by 51st State. Produced by Ray Hayden, Richard Samuels and RS Digital. Vocal production Ray Haden. Background vocals by C. Michael-Imobioh



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Charlene London, UK

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